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Classic Chanel 2.55 bag is how the birth? Chanel name the source of its birth date in February 1955. 2.55 The designer bags have become a classic, not only because it is both beautiful and practical, and not only because of its high quality, need to go through 180 steps to complete.It represents the founder of the Co Co Chanel lady's legendary life experiences:2.55 orphanage maroon leather bag from inside COCO chanel replica growth uniforms, dark bags is a folder on the local legend of her collection of love letters.At the same time, this chain bag also represents the willingness of women in social situations was the liberation of hands. 2.55 is also known as Mademoiselle Lock, on behalf of Ms. Coco never married, but also inspired many designers inspiration, became every woman's dream.

International brands such as Chanel and LV are always fashion weathervane, walking in the forefront of fashion people all know, the general public is concerned about the replica chanel fall and winter fashion trends of the time, these big names already have to be launched next year in early spring masterpiece. Chanel bags 2015 spring series will soon be released, and quickly to see if there is your favorite new bag it.

As early as chanel outlet the spring of 2015, Chanel classic bag models in the decorative embroidery and beads, plus pretty seductive rich color, looks more appealing luxury. The series also make extensive use of the very popular this season Tyrant gold color, Chanel Boy bag cover longer cross car line, but dense metallic color dots, looks exceptionally chic. Transparent outer bag decorated with Chanel double-C logo, Tyrant gold LOGO together into one, extremely luxurious eye-catching. Another transparent bag strange shapes, like a oiler, personality and avant-garde.

Chanel 2015 spring series of new bags and see which one you like, right?

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